Best Shoes For Zumba

Zumba is about dancing, fitness and fun. Your feet move in all directions and you sweat. Fitness moves can range from low impact to jumping. So what would be the best shoes to wear to a class like this? Here is my advice.

  • Wear shoes meant for athletics and aerobic classes. Look for a cross-trainer because they provide multi-directional support.
  • You should feel that the shoe gives you good arch support. If you can fit an athletic insert into the shoe comfortably it will be even better.
  • The best shoes for zumba will be described as having cushioning and shock absorption.
  • The surface of the shoe should have some tread but not too much. It really depends on the floor you will be using them on. Some floors appear more slippery than others. I find that having a little traction from the shoe is best.
  • Shoes made with a mesh fabric covering the top is best. This will allow your feet to feel cooler and is preferable to a shoe that is completely covered in leather.
  • Your feet should feel light when wearing them. Hold the shoe in your hands. If it feels heavy it will feel heavy on your feet. Zumba moves fast so you need to have shoes that are lightweight.
  • When choosing a shoe size it is best to read the recommendations from the seller or read other people’s reviews. Athletic shoes may fit differently than regular shoes that you wear on the street. When trying the shoe on be sure to put all your weight into the shoe and make sure there is room for your toes to feel comfortable.
  • Finally, be stylish! Zumba is labeled as being a dance-party. Look for shoes that have fun colors and designs. You can also spruce them up with brightly-colored shoelaces.

If you keep these points in mind you will have the best information available when choosing a shoe for zumba class.

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